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Your Financial Bridge in Pursuit of Justice for Your Injuries

Citrus Legal Funding is celebrating over a decade of helping injured victims just like you get the cash they need now. Risk-free, with no credit check or monthly payments!

Since 2013, we have advanced millions of dollars to residents of Florida with personal injury legal funding. Cash they need to pay bills and help with other life expenses. This allows them to keep going in their case instead of settling prematurely due to financial strain.

Sadly, insurance companies know if they prolong your case you’ll settle early for less. At Citrus Legal Funding, we provide cash advances from lawsuits so you can get the fair value of your case. We know a lawsuit can take a long time to settle so we work with your attorney to get you help now.

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My husband and I were drowning in bills. Our attorney referred us to citrus legal funding. Citrus legal funding exceeded our expectations. They went above and beyond to get us the funds that we needed the same day. The process was easy and very simple. I would recommend citrus legal funding to everyone.

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Our mission is simple: Provide fast, no-risk legal funding to empower those injured and seeking justice in Florida.

The Best Pre Settlement Funding Companies

Only the best legal funding companies will guarantee no risk to you if you lose your case. Citrus Legal Funding shines as the risk-free legal funding company with no monthly payments or credit checks. We believe this would only add more stress to your injury recovery process. Navigating the legal landscape can be a challenging experience especially when injured and unable to work. Whether you’re the victim of a car accident or a personal injury due to the negligence of another party. You need a no-risk financial partner that can help carry the burden. With less worry, you can concentrate more on recovering from your injuries.

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As bills pile up, many people are forced to take the insurance company’s initial lowball offer. But, the offer is much lower than the actual fair value of their lawsuit. Meaning they may not recover the full cost of their damages. You see, time is needed to both treat your injuries and allow your attorney to work in building your case. Insurance companies have unlimited time and resources to drag out your claim. But, a cash advance from Citrus Legal Funding will level the playing field. You’ll get the money you need now to allow your attorney more time to fight for the settlement you deserve. If you need of pre settlement funding in Florida then we can help you.

We Provide No-Risk Cash Advances

At Citrus Legal Funding, we provide “Non-Recourse Funding”. Also known as a cash advance on your lawsuit but is totally risk-free. This means, you only pay back the cash if you win your case or settle. If you lose then you don’t pay so there’s absolutely no risk to you.

We Don't Do Traditional "Loans"

With a traditional “loan” if the loan is unpaid it results in a seizure of your assets. Many times cash advances on a settlement are considered a “lawsuit loan”. But with cash from Citrus Legal Funding, you only pay us back if your claim is successfully won or settled.

Like the refreshing qualities of citrus fruit, we aim to bring an invigorating approach to legal funding. Born out of the belief that everyone should have the means to fight for their rights without the burden of financial strain. Our founder saw an opportunity to create a company that not only provides funding but also cares about your situation. With extensive experience in law and finance, he envisioned a service that combines expertise with empathy. If you don’t win your case then you owe us nothing.

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Quick & Easy

Legal battles can be lengthy and we understand the urgency of your situation. Our streamlined process ensures that you get the funding you need as quickly as possible. No unnecessary complications or waiting for replies.

Transparent & Fair

At Citrus Legal Funding, transparency is our foundation. We believe in clear communication and straightforward terms. There are never any hidden fees or sudden surprises. You’ll always know what to expect every step of the way.

Citrus Legal Funding helped me get access to emergency funding before a settlement. The team was fast, professional, and courteous. The funds make it to your account immediately, and the rates were much better compared to their competitors (I checked). I would highly recommend them.

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Our Commitment to the Injured

Empowering the Pursuit of Justice

Citrus Legal Funding is more than just a financial service, we’re your partner in the pursuit of justice. We are committed to providing the support you need to level the playing field. Ensuring you have the resources to fight for what’s right.

Building Trust, One Case at a Time

Caring is the cornerstone of our relationships. Citrus Legal Funding strives to build trust through transparency, reliability, and commitment. We have helped thousands of people like you and look forward to making a difference in your case too.

We are dedicated to helping our community. Whether you’re a plaintiff or an attorney, Citrus Legal Funding is here to make a positive impact for you. See our over 500 positive reviews on Google, BBB, and Facebook. Explore our testimonials and our FAQs. Then let us be the financial bridge in your pursuit of justice. Call (407) 500-2274 or click the button below to get started:

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