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Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding

Are you waiting on a valid personal injury claim in Jacksonville, Florida, to settle but are facing financial hardship in the meantime? If so, Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding may be able to help. Instead of struggling to pay your bills despite being unable to work, why not apply for a no risk cash advance on your settlement? If you qualify, you could receive your funds in just one day!

How Long Will It Take Your Case to Settle?

One of the first questions an injured victim wants to be answered is “How long will it take my case to settle?” Unfortunately, the answer is often “a long time.” You will probably get a phone call from the at-fault party’s insurance company within days offering you a token amount to settle your claim. It may even be tempting to accept the money – particularly if you need the money because you suddenly can’t work. The insurance adjuster is certainly hoping you will take the money and run because then the company doesn’t have to pay you what your injuries are really worth. If you (wisely) turn down that initial offer, you will likely have to settle in for the long haul. At that point, the insurance company will frequently try to prolong a settlement or trial in the hope that you will reach a point of desperation and agree to a settlement that fails to fully and fairly compensate you.

How Can Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding Help Me?

Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding allows you to level the playing field while waiting for your lawsuit to settle or make it to trial. We do not offer traditional loans that require repayment. Instead, we offer a cash advance to eligible clients who are in the process of settling a lawsuit. As a cash advance, our funding involves zero out-of-pocket payments and zero risk. If your lawsuit is successfully resolved, you will pay back the cash advance; however, if you lose your case, you owe us nothing!

Why Should I Choose Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding?

At Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding you will work with a case manager who has the experience and skills that come from working for a secure and well recognized legal funding source. All your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner by your case manager. Furthermore, we offer competitive rates and straight-forward funding agreements with no hidden costs or fees. Your funding can be available within a day!

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How to Get Started with Jacksonville Citrus Legal Funding

The process is simple and streamlined. After hiring a lawyer for your case, call 407-500-2274 or fill out our online submission form so we can quickly review your case. Once you are approved, we will send you the funding agreement to electronically sign, and we will get your cash on its way to you!

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