Funding Your Ocala Personal Injury Claim: Ocala Citrus Legal Funding Can Help You Stay Financially Afloat

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Ocala Citrus Legal Funding

If you have a personal injury claim in Ocala, Florida, you could be waiting months, even years, for a settlement or award that fully compensates you for all your injuries. While you are waiting, however, your bills are piling up because your injuries prevent you from earning what you did prior to the accident. Fortunately, there is another option. Ocala Citrus Legal Funding can help keep you afloat financially while you are waiting on your lawsuit to settle or go to trial.

Why You Shouldn’t Take that Offer to Settle

If you suffered injuries in a personal injury accident, you can almost count on hearing from an insurance adjuster within a day or two. The adjuster will probably make you an offer to settle any and all claims you might have against their insured. The amount they offer may sound like a lot of money; however, the odds are very good that what they are offering you is far less than what you deserve. Once you accept that money though, you cannot go back and ask for more. It is the adjuster’s job to get you to accept a token settlement amount quickly – before you realize what your injuries are really worth. Even if you turn down an initial offer to settle, you may be tempted to accept one down the road if you start feeling the financial hardship your injuries cause. Again, the insurance company is counting on this. The only way to ensure that you are fully compensated is to be in a position where you can afford to wait for a fair settlement offer. That’s where legal funding can help.

What Is Legal Funding?

Ocala Citrus Legal Funding can help put you in a position where you can afford to wait out the insurance company. Instead of being forced to accept an offer for less than what your case is worth, we provide you with financial stability while your case is pending, thereby allowing you the leverage you need to properly negotiate or litigate your lawsuit.

Why Ocala Citrus Legal Funding?

Ocala Citrus Legal Funding is a recognized and secure funding source for injured victims who qualify. Our experienced case managers are available to answer all your questions and help you through the funding process. Moreover, our funding agreements are straight-forward without any hidden fees or costs. For those who qualify, we can provide funding in just one day.

The Funding Process

A cash advance from Ocala Citrus Legal Funding is not a traditional loan. You pay nothing back out-of-pocket, making it a zero-risk proposition for you. You only pay back the funds advanced to you if your lawsuit is successfully settled or you obtain a favorable verdict at trial. If you receive nothing, you pay nothing back.

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How to Get Started with Ocala Citrus Legal Funding

The first step in the funding process is to hire an attorney to represent you in your lawsuit. Once you are represented, call 407-500-2274 or fill out our online submission form. so we can quickly review your case. Once your application is approved and the electronic funding agreement is signed, your cash will be on its way to you!

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