The Process

Citrus Legal Funding is dedicated to providing fast, simple and easy cash advances for people in need of financial assistance during a lawsuit. Auto accident claims do not settle quickly. Oftentimes clients are injured as a result of the accident and are unable to work. As the bills continue to add up, clients are forced to accept the Insurance Companies initial offer which is much lower than the actual fair value of the case. Insurance companies have unlimited amounts of resources they can use to low ball your claim. Receiving a cash advance from Citrus Legal Funding will level the playing field by getting you financially stable and allowing your Attorney more time to fight for settlement that you deserve.

Non-Recourse Pre Settlement Funding

Many times cash advances are considered a lawsuit loan. Citrus Legal Funding does not provide lawsuit loans to our clients rather a “Non-Recourse Funding”. With a traditional “loan” if the loan is unpaid it will result in seizure of assets that the client may own. With a cash advance from Citrus Legal Funding, you will only payback if your claim is successfully won or settled. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing! There is no risk!

Step 1

Call (407) 500-2274 to speak directly with a case manager or fill out the GET CASH NOW form on this page.

Step 2

We will request the needed documentation from your attorney and quickly review your case.

Step 3

Sign the funding agreement by fax or electronically from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Step 4

Receive your cash!


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